A life without limits. Possibly not something we all wish for, though I imagine there’s quite a few of you who would love it!

Well in Limitless, directed by Neil Burger and written for the screen by Leslie Dixon from the book by Alan Glynn (phew!), just a little drug can expand your mind to use the full 100% of it, compared with the miniscule amount we currently use.

Bradley Cooper plays Eddie, a loser who’s trying to write a novel and failing and who’s girlfriend leaves him very early on.

He then comes across NZT, a miracle drug that opens his mind, literally. From here on in the movie becomes just a lot of fun, there’s silly gangsters (brilliantly played by Andrew Howard), an old flame in Anna Friel (blink and you’ll miss her) and of course Robert De Niro who it’s good to see is back in roles that actually work for him (i.e. not comedy).

I wasn’t expecting to like this film, I’d avoided watching it in fact, and whilst it isn’t a classic, it is a lot of fun and Bradley Cooper (yes ladies I seem to remember some top off moments) does smile his way through it and comes out quite likeable, I’m sure it’s done his career no-harm.

If you’re looking for a movie to see on a Saturday night that’s good fun, you can’t go wrong, just don’t expect to be blown away!


You can buy Limitless on DVD here: Limitless (DVD)

You can buy Limitless on Blu-Ray here: Limitless (Blu-Ray)

You can buy the book here: Limitless (Book)


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