I don’t often agree with movie critics. In fact generally if they like something I absolutely hate it, well I usually don’t like it at least.

Most movies that the critics like are usually pretty tedious affairs, long shots that go on for ever, little dialogue and nothing much happening.

So I wasn’t really expecting much from Drive, when news begins to filter out that a film is doing well with critics it usually leaves me groaning and thinking ‘one to avoid’.

This time, I’m very happy to say, I was very wrong.

This film is brilliant, Danish film director Nicolas Winding Refn (Valhalla Rising, Bronson) does a great job, the shots of the city at night are superb.

Ryan Gosling plays the ‘man with no name’ style role very well considering how little actual dialogue he says, Bryan Cranston (the father from Malcolm in the Middle) is also very, very good.

Gosling plays a Hollywood stunt driver and mechanic who, for reasons never really explained but it’s assumed for the money, moonlights as a getaway driver to thieves.

One-day that goes wrong as he attempts to help out his neighbours husband and so ensues lots of driving, stabbings and shouty angry moments.

That’s reducing the movie to its most basic and makes it sound bad when it really isn’t. The movie goes along at the right pace, it’s extremely well directed and Gosling does a fantastic job of holding it all together.

I’m now going to go and find the book written by James Sallis that the movie is based on, they’re usually better right? Should be brilliant!


You can purchase Drive on DVD here: Buy Drive (DVD)

You can purchase Drive on Blu-Ray here: Buy Drive (Blu-Ray)


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