Spin offs don’t always work, sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. Insightful huh? But you know what I mean, there’s probably been as many good one’s as bad one’s.

I was looking forward to this, Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Billy Bob Thornton even Guillermo del Toro supply the voices.

However it is perhaps Zach Galifianankis who steals the show with his voicing of Humpty Dumpty. He has the best character story and some of the best costumes you’ve ever seen in an animated film.

The movie is very, very good, the touches such as making Jack and Jill evil characters is a work of genius.

The story is pretty much Jack and the Beanstalk but that shouldn’t in anyway taint your view of the movie, there’s much more to it then simply magic beans and giants.

Humpty though will leaving you rolling in the aisles (no more egg puns I promise). I didn’t realise it was Zach when I first watched the movie but he is very good and the costume changes are just the sort of touches you expect from animated movies and really bring out the laughs.

There’s a few points that feel a little weak, like how both Puss and obligitary love interest Kitty Softclaws (Salma Hayek), just happily reveal their back stories, as good as the back stories are.


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You can purchase the Puss In Boots soundtrack here: Puss In Boots OST (Henry Jackman)


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