OK. So I had ‘wanted’ to see this movie as it seemed to get good reviews, it didn’t take me long to start wondering why this was the case.

It took to the end credits for me to realise why this movie had got such good reviews mind, see producer and executive producer credits…both being the Scott brothers, think that could be a large part of it.

The reason I say this is that from just a couple of minutes in I found myself rolling my eyes. Neeson and co are on a plane. The plane crashes. Neeson wakes on the snow (the film is apparently set in Alaska) without a scratch on him, which I think you’ll agree is lucky for him!

Seven others also survived the crash, well eight but one dies pretty quickly. From here on in the film turns into a ‘who’s next’ killing spree and it’s not always the wolves that dispatch them.

The film does a slight turn to being a modern White Fang which would have been a good way for it to go, instead we just see person after person dispatched in a variety of non-original, very foreseeable ways.

When there are just two left for example, we see them fall into a river, and the non-Neeson fella, gets his foot stuck in between some rocks with his head under the water…well, that was unlucky, more eye rolling.

I don’t even think the movie is particularly well directed. Joe Carnahans’ other credits include The A-Team, which he also wrote, and Smokin’ Aces, which sort of says a lot.

Anyway, I’m sure this has done Neesons’ action credits no harm, not that he needed any help mind, he is more than good enough in these action roles and I look forward to the sequel to Taken, got to be better than this, we hope.


You can buy The Grey on DVD here: The Grey (DVD)

You can buy The Grey on Blu-Ray here: The Grey (Blu-Ray)

You can buy the soundtrack to The Grey here: The Grey OST (Marc Streitenfeld)


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