Seeker of controversy Sacha Baron Cohen sets his latest sites on the world of politics and, in particular, the American’s.

What you get is a movie that is in no-way as close to the edge as his previous films such as Borat, this has been very much watered down for a wider audience.

That said it is a funny film, there’s a lot to laugh at and even a point to the movie, though it’s a slightly cack-handed way of saying it and if you sneeze at the wrong moment you’ll miss it, still, it’s the thought that counts!

The main problem with the movie is that there’s nothing new here. We’ve seen the story before in countless other films and we’ve heard and seen Baron Cohen’s humour before, particularly as this is the ‘watered-down’ version of it.

I guess if you’ve sent up so many people, fake kidnapped a Baywatch celebrity and stung a load of US teens for the racist ignorant idiots they are, there’s not many places you can go.

This is also one of those cases were most of the best scenes you have seen in the many trailers and teasers that were released, in the film you just get slightly longer versions of them.

His next film, not counting the next Madagascar movie, is the Tom Hooper directed (he of The King’s Speech fame) Les Miserables in which he plays one of the main roles…interesting to see how versatile he can be as an actor, as this and his role in Hugo, don’t convince me he has that range so far.

So a good movie if you fancy a laugh, just don’t expect it to be as biting or new as his previous outings, though look-out for the Edward Norton cameo.


You can buy The Dictator on DVD here: The Dictator (DVD)

You can buy The Dictator on Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital Copy here: The Dictator (Triple-play: Blu-Ray + DVD + Digital Copy)


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