A Fantastic Fear Of Everything – A One Man Show To Be Proud Of

Fans of Kula Shaker rejoice for they have returned. OK so they haven’t returned but Crispian Mills has as a writer and director and this is his feature film and an assured one it is.

I can sum up the film very quickly by saying it’s a cross between something Wes Anderson would make and The Mighty Boosh. If that sounds weird then good, it’s supposed to.

Mills throws everything at this film from hand-drawn animation to A Fantastic Mr Fox style stop-motion animation and from comedy to child abandonment issues. The film can suffer a little from everything going on and the many ways in which that ‘everything’ is told but writing and directing wise this is one of the best débuts I’ve seen in a long, long time.

The main star of the film is Simon Pegg, in fact for the first two-thirds of the movie it’s really the Simon Pegg show and what a show he puts on. He is fantastic as the paranoid writer who is allowing his research into Victorian serial killers to seep into his actual life.

When other actors do arrive in the film they keep up the fantastic performances, in particular the ‘villain’ of the movie Henry Lloyd-Hughes is brilliant as PC Taser. He gives a fantastically assured performance and we see a whole gamut of emotions in the short period of time he has to give.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Mills has turned his hand to writing and directing given his father was the great actor John Mills.

I hope we see more of him but I’d like it turned down just a notch, which is a personal thing and being a bit pedantic over what is otherwise a superb performance from cast and crew alike.


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