Men In Black 3 – Trilogy’s Are Hard To Pull Off

Time travel is always a hard subject to cover in a movie. You obviously instantly have to suspend your beliefs, you have to imagine that one day time travel will be possible.

But even knowing that it may not be, we still have these ‘rules’ of time travel, things like don’t meet your past self, any little thing you do or say, or just the very fact you are there will cause reality to shift.

So when MIB3 announced it was handling this tricky subject I wasn’t holding out it may result in a return to form.

But then Josh Brolin came on board and rumours where beginning to circulate about just how good his performance was, just how good his impression of Tommy Lee Jones was.

But then equally rumours began to circulate about just how bad Tommy Lee Jones was, it was hard to tell what was going on.

The movie starts with Nicole Scherzinger bringing Boris The Animal a cake whilst he’s in prison, which is a take on the old ‘file in a cake jail break’ scenario.

Then Boris, for reasons unknown, I mean ok he was put in jail for 40 years by one man, who also cost him his arm, but, he’s been in jail for 40 years, he’s the last of his species and he’s supposed to be a bad-ass. Wouldn’t he just try and reek havoc? Maybe find the person who made his species extinct? That sort of thing?

Anyway, he doesn’t, he goes after TLJ by going back in time, which means Will Smith must go back in time which is where he meets young TLJ, Josh Brolin.

The issues with this movie are that TLJ just like he’d sooner be anywhere but in this movie, hard to tell if that’s the script or the fact he really doesn’t want to be there. Then there’s Will Smith…who’s just Will Smith throughout, the Will Smith you see in pretty much every movie…back in the early 2000’s!

Then there’s the script, it’s lacking in laughs, we’ve seen it all before, jokes are the same as MIB 1 & 2. Things are ‘known’ amongst people that you have no-idea why or how they know. There’s an introductory character that feels written in because the writers where getting themselves in knots with the time-travel bits and so put a guy in who can happily see the future, or futures, it just feels lazy.

Overall you’d be better served remembering the MIB franchise as it once was. Fancy watching this film? Don’t. Just watch the first one instead and pretend someone went back in time and deleted the rest.


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