Taken 2 – The Leather Jacket Is Back!

Taken was the surprise hit when it was released a few years ago. It did what The Bourne Identity did a while ago – not much at the cinema and then took off on DVD rentals becoming a cult hit.

It was obvious that Luc Besson and his long time writing partner Robert Mark Kamen would write a follow up and here it is.

Action director of the moment Olivier Megaton takes over directorial duties from Pierre Morel who directed the first one. This seems to be a trend with French action movies at the moment as Megatron gets passed action movie after action movie regardless of franchise. Personally I don’t really see what he does different or better than others such as Morel or Louis Leterrier.

Anyway, regardless, Megaton does a decent job with Taken 2, Liam Neeson is back as the retired CIA agent in a movie about revenge but not in the usual sense.

Usually we see the ‘good guy’ hell bent on revenge, kicking ass and blowing shit up. This time though Besson and Kamen switch things round and we see the bad guys wanting revenge.

The Albanian mafia want to take Neeson and bring him to Albania so that the mothers, brothers and fathers can exact revenge on him for killing their sons in the first Taken.

It’s an interesting take but really takes a back seat in what is a second chance to see Liam Neeson and ‘that’ leather jacket kick some ass.

There are quite a few issues with the movie such as continuity errors all over and why does he leave his wife alone in a cell and there’s a particularly good stunt during a car chase but you can see the car has been set up underneath to have the necessary compressors attached.

However this is a movie that involves you switching your brain off, relaxing and shouting ‘yes’ at the TV whilst Neeson kicks ass, and on that front, the movie delivers perfectly.


You can buy Taken 2 on DVD over on Amazon: Taken 2 (DVD)

You can buy Taken 2 on Blu-Ray and Digital Copy over on Amazon: Taken 2 (Blu-Ray + Digital Copy)


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