Frankenweenie Movie Review

Tim Burton is back once again on animation duties with this tale of a young boy who brings back his dog from the dead. That’s pretty much the story right there really. The dog dies quite early, he brings it back quite early, the rest of the story is given over to ‘science’, the promotion there of, and other kids re-animating dead pets.

You kind of get the feeling this is perhaps a little bit of a bio flick from Burton, I’m not suggesting he brought back a dead pet but you get the feeling that up to that point the young kid is him and perhaps bringing back his long lost pet is something he’d like to have done at the time.

No problems with that, and I’ve no idea if he’s said as much as I’ve read very little on the film, I just like Burton films usually and wanted to watch it.

There are problems though, continuity for starters and why the movie was made in black and white is beyond me. I really can’t see what it brings to the film, in fact if anything I’d say it takes away from the film. I’m guessing he was trying to add a ‘gothic’ look to it but there are scenes when vibrant colours would have really made the film pop.

As it is it’s not a bad tale, it certainly has more than a whiff of Edward Scissorhands about it except that it doesn’t have that stand-out performance we got from Johnny Depp. Martin Landau gives the best vocal performance as the sinister teacher but his sinister side vanishes quickly.

This is the tale of the movie really. The animation is good but the story lacks substance, it should have been better than it turns out. I haven’t seen the original short story that Burton produced that this is based on but perhaps it worked better as a short.


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