Skyfall Movie Review

Bond, James Bond is back, this time with director Sam Mendes behind the lense and he gives us a classic James Bond, a James Bond we can be proud of.

A lot happens in this film that you can’t really speak about without spoiling things so I will try and give you a non-spoiler review.

The best way to think of this movie is as a prequel to all previous Bonds, which is a strange way to think about it given it’s obviously not set in the past and can’t really be a prequel as they aren’t going to remake all the Bond movies are they…are they?

Mendes sets up a lot of previous Bonds with this one movie and does more than a nod back to times gone by including bringing back a classic car alongside some classic music.

We get fantastic performances from Daniel Craig and Judy Dench and of course Javier Bardem who puts in a great turn as a classic Bond villain. With the setting up and performances Mendes brings us we do end up losing some of the action we’ve had before.

You do get the opening action sequence a car chase and a few explosions but this isn’t in the same action league as previous Bonds. The film doesn’t suffer for that but it’s up to you if you think the franchise does.

You’ll have noticed I’ve used the word ‘classic’ a lot because there’s no other word to describe this, Mendes gives us a really classic Bond set in modern times. And for the ladies, my girlfriend says ‘yum’ to Daniel Craig. Men we get a bit short changed on the Bond girl front, that’s the modern side of things kicking in.


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