Flight Movie Review – Denzel Washington Drinks In The Sky

For those of you who regularly read my little corner of the internet you know that a slow, Oscar-esq, drama is my idea of walking on broken glass whilst listening to Justin Bieber (that’s really, really bad for those weirdos thinking it’s good).

When I saw the trailers for Flight and heard Denzel Washington talking about the movie my interest peaked but I had my reservations (no pun intended) as well. Could this twice Oscar nominated drama really keep me interested, could it be watchable?

Well it turns out it can be, it can really be. This movie is first class (pun intended this time), Washington is fantastic as the drunk captain who becomes a hero after crash landing a flight that no-one else would have been able to. The effects for the crash are superb as well and together with the directing from Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Forrest Gump, Cast Away etc) and Washington’s performance you are instantly drawn in to the emotion of the situation.

The start of the film is almost light and fun whilst characters are introduced and the scene is set for the crash.

There is a moment towards the end of the film when there’s one to many coincidences that put Washington back in touch with alcohol but Zemeckis, and writer John Gatins, manage to quickly turn it round and get the movie back on track.

One man who lightens the mood on more than one occasion throughout the film is John Goodman. He has a sort of ‘The Dude’ vibe going on and his entrances and performances are sublime, it raises the question as to why he isn’t in more movies these days.

Anyway, overall a great movie, a little predictable, a little too sentimental at times but overall and emotional drama with engaging performances and a plane crash, what more could you want?


You can buy Flight on DVD over on Amazon: Flight (DVD)

You can buy Flight on Blu-Ray over on Amazon: Flight (Blu-Ray)


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