Robot Overlords

Robot Overlords Movie Review

Is it the script, the director or the cast that makes a good movie? A combination? All of them? If one aspect isn’t up to scratch can the other two save it? The short answer with Robot Overlords is no, no they can’t. Three years ago from a distant, unspecified, galaxy, robots invaded Earth. The…Read more Robot Overlords Movie Review


Paddington Movie Review

The simplest way to describe this movie as, whilst not without flaws, it is a perfect, light-weight, heart-felt family movie. The obvious story of Paddington from deepest darkest Peru to London, it had me chuckling throughout and, generally, enjoying myself. Paul King (known for The Mighty Boosh) takes the directing duties. I have to say I…Read more Paddington Movie Review


Unbroken Movie Review

Angelina Jolie’s third stint behind the camera comes in the form of a true story (note that’s true story, not based on a true story) about Louis Zamperini. Adapted from the book of the same name, written by Laura Hillenbrand, Unbroken tells the remarkable tale of Zamperini from childhood, through to Olympic athlete then a…Read more Unbroken Movie Review