Predestination Movie Review

Having just watched the movie Predestination, I now have to try and explain it to you, the reader. The thing is…I’m not sure I can! But I’ll give it a go, fingers crossed… Ethan Hawke (Gattaca, Training Day) plays The Barkeep whilst Sarah Snook (Jessabelle, Not Suitable for Children) plays The Unmarried Mother. Hawke works…Read more Predestination Movie Review


Autómata Review

I remember reading about this movie back when it was being made and thinking I was looking forward to seeing it, then it seemed to vanish. Now that it’s popped back up again, was it as good as I hoped? Antonio Banderas plays insurance agent Jacq Vaucan who investigates cases of robots, mostly the Automata…Read more Autómata Review

The Water Diviner

The Water Diviner Review

Russell Crowe takes the lead and directs in this dramatic war story about a father who heads to Turkey from Australia to find his three missing, presumed dead, sons. The drama of Crowe’s journey across the lands to find his boys is intercut with scenes of the boys in war which add to the film…Read more The Water Diviner Review

Seventh Son

Seventh Son Review

It’s not often that I go into a movie knowing little to nothing about it. Sometimes it’s been a good thing, sometimes a movie can thrill, excite and surprise. However I tend to find that if I go into a movie without knowing anything about it, it’s because it’s not going to be very good.…Read more Seventh Son Review


Walter Movie Review (2015)

Walter, well played by Andrew J. West (The Walking Dead, Greek), is the son of god, not that son of god, not Jesus, he’s the other one. Walter is tasked with deciding who on Earth goes to heaven or hell. He does this with a kind of instinct and can only do this to people…Read more Walter Movie Review (2015)

Fast And Furious 7

Fast & Furious 7 Review

By now you know exactly what you are getting with theFurious franchise (or Fast franchise, whatever they’re calling them these days): guns, cars, girls, music, bullets and fights. So, frankly, if you go into these movies expecting anything else, more fool you. The seventh instalment doesn’t disappoint on any of the above, however in this…Read more Fast & Furious 7 Review