James Bond’s latest outing Spectre has broken box office records in the UK. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban previously held the UK opening record with £23.882 million but Spectre has beaten that making an estimated £41.7 million in its first seven days which also beats the previous seven day record set by Skyfall.

So far Spectre has been released in six territories around the world and taken $80.4 million, including $67.7 million from SPRI territories.

The 24th James Bond release opened in 647 cinemas and 2,500 screens making it the widest release of all time in the UK and Ireland. It wasn’t just the UK that Bond has been breaking records either.

In the Netherlands, Finland, Norway and Denmark the film has set new records, passing those previously set by Skyfall whilst in Sweden the result was 30% over the opening of Skyfall.

Spectre has also made history for an IMAX release, recording the highest per-location average in IMAX history as the first film ever to top a $100,000 per-location average with $105,000 in 47 IMAX locations.

You can read our Spectre review here.



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