Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad Review – Margot Robbie Rocks

From writer/director David Ayer (Fury, End of Watch, Training Day, The Fast and the Furious) we receive the next DC Comic adventure to take on the Marvel universe, Suicide Squad. The question is, can it deliver where so few have managed? Can it take on Marvel? The premise of Suicide Squad is straight-forward; a bunch…Read more Suicide Squad Review – Margot Robbie Rocks


Identicals Review – Brand New U

There are a few types of movie that can be said to fit into the sci-fi genre; Star Trek, Star Wars, those sorts of things. But really, when you're talking about true sci-fi films, you're talking about things like Ex-Machina and this, Identicals. Identicals is from writer/director Simon Pummell (Shock Head Soul, Bodysong) who makes…Read more Identicals Review – Brand New U

Men & Chicken

Men & Chicken Review – Mads Plays Mad with Poultry

The Danes, famous for bacon, Hans Christian Andersen, Lars Ulrich, Lars von Trier and Mads Mikkelsen. It's the latter who we're interested in for Men & Chicken, a film from the rather bizarre brain of writer and director Anders Thomas Jensen (The Green Butchers, In A Better World). Gabriel, played by David Dencik (Tinker Tailor…Read more Men & Chicken Review – Mads Plays Mad with Poultry