I’m not sure how many Western’s haven’t been filmed in the actual West of America. This one, coming out of Denmark, is filmed in South Africa, not that you’d know really. The landscape is just as barren and desert like.

The film tells the story of Jon Jensen (Mads Mikkelsen), who’s been in the US for seven years without his wife and son but with his brother Mikael Persbrandt (The Hobbit movies) and now, finally they’re joining him.

If you are thinking ‘I wonder what happens next’ then you may enjoy this movie more than I did. What happens next is Mads’s family is killed, he kills the killer who turns out to be the brother of a local notorious gangster Henry Delarue (well played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan).

It’s all a bit, well, obvious really. If you can get past the setup then what you’re left with is a very short shootout movie but it’s not enough to save it.

There’s hardly any dialogue, which may be down to the mixture of people. We’ve got Jonathan Pryce as the town’s mayor and Douglas Henshall (probably best known for British TV shows such as Primeval) as the sheriff. Then we’ve got Eric Cantona playing a henchman, Mads and Mikael as the brothers, Jeffrey Dean as the bad guy and Eva Green (Casino Royal, 300) as the mute bad girl…ish.

So, get past the accents, the very obvious and frustrating setup and you’re left with Mads and Jeffrey in quite a good battle. The thing is there are much better westerns out there and much better films. Watch Open Range instead.


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