Deak (Losing It (Short), The Boss (Short)) brings us his latest short based on a true story. Sing has been receiving critical and audience acclaim, winning numerous prestigious film awards, including at two Oscar-qualifying film festivals.

Sing tells the story of Zsofi, played by Dorka Gasparfalvi (The Door), who joins a new school and fulfils her dream by joining the school’s famous choir. The choir is led by Miss Erika, played by Zsofia Szamosi (The Curse, Terapia) who everyone believes is an inspirational teacher, winning with the choir time and time again. However, Zsofi and her friend Liza, played by Dorottya Hais, know the truth behind the choirs success and set-out to expose it.

Sing is a wonderfully directed and written short film. It comes in at around the 30 minute mark and makes full use of every single minute. The direction is beautiful, helped by the lovely old building it was mostly filmed in.

What’s really fantastic though is how the girls go about exposing the choir. I thought I had it, I thought I knew what they were going to do but Deak flipped it on me and I liked what he did so much better. Very funny, just what they deserve.

Sing is a beautiful film about injustice and, to an extent, revenge, but that’s ok when the good-guys win.


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