Some of you may well recognise the name Christine Choy. She’s a documentary filmmaker from New York whose films include Who Killed Vincent Chin, The Best Hotel on Skid Row and The Shot Heard ‘Round The World. Here, she tells a tale that is then animated for your viewing pleasure.

I know some people see cinema and movies as art, I’m not one of them I’m afraid. I view it as entertainment, for me, a film is escapism. I have seen plenty of movies in art galleries by world renown artists, some I even liked, but ultimately, it’s not what I’d chose to watch.

Choy narrates a story about a time she smuggled cigarettes from Canada to USA to save money. Brothers and directors Noah and Lewie Kloster have the story animated in a sort of old-fashioned, almost stop motion style, but quite flat and 2D. Oh, were you expecting more to the story? There isn’t any, that’s literally what we have. Having said that it’s only three minutes 52 seconds so…

I just have to question why this has been made if I’m being completely honest? A short film is usually at least 15 minutes, sometimes 30. I’ve never seen nor heard of one being less than four. It’s not a particularly good story that’s being told, millions of people have probably done it or know someone who’s done it before. I’ve certainly met people who’ve sneaked through an extra carton of smokes occasionally.

So, in summary, not for me I’m afraid. Perhaps it’s all a bit too high-brow for me? Who knows, but I wasn’t moved by it.


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